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What is DivAria?

DivAria is Jahna and Christine Katzenmaier, a dynamic vocal duo.

Check your preconceptions at the door, DivAria is opera like you've never seen before... or heard for that matter. The blending of these two beautiful voices creates a whole that is greater than the sum of any two parts.  Jahna (Soprano) and Christine Katzenmaier (Mezzo-Soprano) blend their voices magically to create a new sound that any listener will love and appreciate.

DivAria's creation has been a serendipitous journey.  Jahna, raised in Southern California, and Christine, raised outside of Stuttgart, Germany, met by chance while performing in Aida at the John Anson Ford Theater.  Singing together over time, their cultural differences melded as their voices blended, successfully spanning different experiences, languages, and even continents.  Jahna and Christine became DivAria.

Now, when DivAria performs, audiences exclaim, "But you don't look like opera singers!"

Just what are opera singers supposed to look like?  And why do DivAria's performances inspire this reaction?  Perhaps it's due to DivAria's contemporary interpretation and style, awakening the listener to a fresh and new musical appreciation.  DivAria is passionate about classical music and triumphantly breaks through its "buttoned up" image, yet maintains musical integrity, professionalism, and beauty.  While embracing these changes, changes that are part of a growing artistic sensibiity, DivAria celebrates this remarkable music - a music for everyone!

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Laudamus Te - Vivaldi
Flower Duet from Lakmé - Delibes
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