Airetight Records produces music and CDs for the Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and Healing markets as well as Classical, Crossover and World Music markets, featuring world renowned musicians such as Abhiman Kaushal & Jihad Racy.
Airetight Newsbreak: Airetight artist Jahna has a featured song in the Showtime series "The L Word." ALSO: All Airetight music is available on iTunes, and all the other legitimate download services.

Airetight's music is now featured on a new music download site dedicated to holistic world music. It's called
Acoustica EP
Acoustica is currently in the studio finishing their debut release. Listen to some of the new music!
click here to play "Satya"click her to play "I Have Dreamt"click here to play "Blackbird"Click to play "Se Tu M'Ami"
Music for Yoga, Music for Meditation: Tibetan bowls are the center around which the rest of the instruments have been weaved, creating a music that immediately centers and relaxes the listener.
The new CD from Michael Perricone - all sounds were created using ancient Tibetan bowls
Jahna's "In the Balance" combines classical vocals with world beat and urban rhythms.
DivAria "Fresh" -- Classical Duets in a contemporary style.
Contact Airetight Records or HollowNotes Music at : To order by phone dial 1-800-448-6369